Equal (EQL) has launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

The potential this creates for the Equal Wallet and EQL are profound. We cannot wait to show you the ideas we have. Equal will aim to be at the forefront of the growing DeFi ecosystem on BSC.

EQL (BEP-20):


EQL (BEP-2):



  • EQL BEP-2 is still active and tradeable.
  • The total supply will remain the same.
  • To swap your EQL BEP-2 to EQL BEP-20, you are required to manually swap via the Binance Chain Wallet extension.
  • You can swap between BEP-2 & BEP-20 at any time, as these tokens are now bridged.

How to Swap BEP-2 to BEP-20

Step 1: Install Binance Chain Extension

Download: Binance Chain Wallet Extension

Step 2: Deposit EQL BEP-2 Tokens

Deposit the EQL you wish to bridge on your Binance Chain Wallet. (Please ensure you have some BNB in the wallet to complete the transaction)

Step 3: Get Binance Smart Chain Address

On the main wallet screen, click on the Network setting at the top. Then choose Binance Smart Chain Network.

Click on Receive to show the QR code and copy the address.

Step 4: Send the EQL BEP-2 Tokens

Go back to the Binance Chain Network and click send. Choose EQL under the list of Assets.

Paste the Address that was copied earlier. Memo is not needed. Input the amount you wish to bridge and press send.

Ensure the destination address is correct and confirm the transaction by clicking send.

Step 5: Wait for Confirmation

The transaction will take a few minutes to be confirmed on BSC. You can check it via BscScan

On BscScan you can see the transaction confirmation.

Step 6: Add Custom Token (optional)

EQL BEP-20 has just been deployed on BSC and may not show in the list of assets.

You may also manually add the token. Click on the + sign beside manage assets and input the contract address: 0x5c7e71f46e49cf816f9863461eeb36e3bc8e3b51

Click add asset.

You will now see the EQL BEP-20 in your wallet:

Congratulations and Welcome to EQL BEP-20.

Stay tuned for more coming soon.

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Website: https://equal.tech/

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