What does BSC and Pancake mean for EQL ?

As we embark on our listing on Pancake Swap — this introduces our first foray into AMM. We are extremely excited about this space and its ability to create decentralized liquidity pools within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and what this means for EQL going forward.

What will you be seeing from EQL ?


The ease in which you can trade/swap on Pancake Swap will be a welcome addition to the Equal Community; Equal has been on a decentralized journey through the last 3.5 years. You have seen us plug into every DEX on the Ethereum blockchain, you have seen us on IDEX, DDEX and Fork Delta. Well, now, decentralized trade just got a whole lot easier, we welcome Pancake Swap!

The initial liquidity provided will be $22,000 USD added as a swapping seed pool. The initial liquidity will be locked.

Pancake Swap has the added benefit of being on Binance Smart Chain — this means low transaction fees and instant swaps. Welcome to the decentralized trade future!

Syrup Pools:

Guess what? Yes, we will be enabling Syrup Pools and it is so easy. Stake Cake, earn free tokens. It has always been our ethos to provide the community return for the support they provide us ever since day 1!

Did someone say 10 million EQL ??

Stay tuned for more announcements after listing as we detail our Syrup Pool plan.


Wait, Syrup Pools AND Farming? Yes, you guessed right — stake LP tokens and earn Cake! Farming has become such a popular mechanism on Pancake Swap and why not give our community the opportunity to do so!

Stay tuned for more announcements as we detail our Farming Plan. We will release our planned allocation of Farming rewards soon!

This isn’t the end of our plans, developments are planned and we cannot wait!

Make sure you don’t eat breakfast on Monday; it’s Pancakes for the whole community!

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Website: https://equal.tech/

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